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- Terry Blain, Master Photographer


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I am Terry Blain, a Master Photographer from the Carlisle, PA area. I began my career over two decades ago. I have attended Harrisburg Area Community College, Triangle Institute of Professional Photography, became a member of the Professional Photographers Association of Pennsylvania, Inc. in 1992. I was awarded a PA degree in 2012 and in 2013 I received my degree of Master of Photography. I am continuously working to advance my education so that I can provide my customers the highest standards in the photography industry.

A Master Photographer degree is not merely a piece of paper. You must attend at least 12 continuing education classes/seminars/conventions put on through PPA and its affiliates and you must have 13 prints (you can only submit 4 per year) accepted into the exhibition of the PPA International Print Competition (3 of my images are part of the Traveling Loan Collection). Having images selected into the exhibit is very challenging and the competition is strong. The Master of Photography degree is awarded for superior photographic competence demonstrated through success in photographic competition, advanced education and service to the profession.

Other awards I have received:

  • 2006 Best Portrait Award for the State of PA
  • 2008 James B. Schriever Award
  • 2009 & 2010 Best Portrait of a group for PA
  • 2010 One Kodak Award
  • 2011 I was awarded entry into the Club of Excellence for having four prints scoring over 320 points and each print receiving a blue ribbon.
  • 2011 & 2012 Best Portrait of a Woman
  • 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014 Image Maker Award
  • 2012 Two Kodak Awards
  • 2012Best of Show
  • 2012 Best Portrait of a Man
  • 2012 Lexjet Award
  • 2013 One Kodak Award
  • 2013 Best Portrait of a Man
  • 2013 ASP Award
  • 2014 I was awarded entry into the Club of Excellence for having four prints scoring over 320 points and each print receiving a blue ribbon.
  • 2016 One Kodak Award
  • 2016 Lexjet Award
  • 2016 Best of Show
  • 2016 ASP Award
  • 2016 Best Portrait Awarded by Filmet Color Lab
  • 2017 Lexjet Award – Best Portrait
  • 2017 ASP Award – Best Portrait

Carlisle has some fabulous photographers; however only one or two of us are Master Photographers. When you are choosing your photographer wouldn’t you rather have one who is constantly learning and refining their craft? One who continually increases their technical competence by competing with their imagery? I cannot imagine not wanting to learn more or being the best at what I do. But there are photographers out there that have never been to a class, or a seminar, but they still call themselves a professional photographer. I challenge them to learn their craft and educate themselves so that they are truly worthy of the title “professional”.

“Master Photographer” is not just a degree that I can put behind my name, but an attitude about my photography and my business. I continue competing and have additional PPA degrees to earn along with numerous personal goals to achieve.

I am also a member of the American Society of Photographers (ASP) which is only available for craftsman and master photographers.

“ASP is a society of professional photographic artists who aspire to maintain the highest level of excellence by adhering to ethical standards, stimulating creativity and continually refining technical competence. The goal of the organization is to promote education, foster fellowship and perpetuate the ideals of photography as a science and an art”. (ASP Mission Statement)

The reason you want a photographer who is a member of one of these organizations is that members of these organizations subscribe to a code of ethics (it also gives you recourse if something goes wrong). By being a member of these organizations, I have people who are always ready to substitute for me in case of an emergency.

As a Master Photographer I have a style of photography, unlike a friend with a camera. I believe that no two people are the same and my photography reflects your personality, so whether you are loud and exuberant, shy and retiring, high fashion and bold or a blend of all three, I will work with you to create images unique to your personally.

A Master Photographer is an artist at heart, and it takes an artistic eye to take images ABOUT something opposed to an image OF something. As a Master Photographer standing behind the camera I am constantly making creative decisions on how to best achieve your desired results. I use my extensive knowledge of my equipment to determine the most artistic way to capture an image. I am continually thinking about light, where it is coming from, its quality and how I can use it to tell a story. I also take into account what elements of the background are important to the image and which ones will take away from it.

Artistic vision and the ability to “see” the image helps me create images that tell a story, hold an emotion, and imply motion and life.


Quality digital cameras are becoming cheaper and more popular. However, these cameras lack quality in comparison to the equipment I use. Professional cameras, lighting equipment and lenses cost thousands of dollars. A Master Photographer has multiple cameras, lights and lenses to use in different situations. High-end cameras and lenses capture more light than point-and-shoot cameras.

I have spent years researching my camera bodies, lighting equipment and lenses. I have learned which lenses are best for what types of images. I have read reviews of gear and have upgraded cameras, flashes, lighting equipment and tripods over the years. There is a great amount of research that goes on behind the scenes to make sure I am well prepared for each unique photo session I am contracted to do.

As a Master Photographer, I use the latest digital equipment, but most importantly, I know how to use it. Today’s professional equipment has multiple and complex functions that allow a Master Photographer to manipulate focal length, shutter speed, aperture, and depth of field to compliment almost any subject. Concept, creativity, equipment and skill all working together are crucial to achieving amazing results and are the very reasons why it is important to hire a Master Photographer.

Understanding of Light

Photographs are inherently a recording of light reflecting off a subject. Therefore, nothing is more important in an image than the quality of light. Light has a quality, directionality, and tonality to it that the naked eye rarely notices. As a Master Photographer I see light and I can tell when it is hard/soft, warm/cool, and where the light is coming from. The size, color, and location of a light source all influence the look of an image.

Post Processing Software

As a Master Photographer I utilize high end post processing software that allows me to effectively correct color, adjust exposure, manipulate hues, saturation, lens distortion and edit images for a professional look.


As a Master Photographer I have business liability insurance (which is different than home owners or auto liability insurance). It provides coverage while on your site, and indemnity coverage (available only to active PPA members) which provides a means of paying for the expensive process of recovering lost images.

Currently, I own and operate a studio full time. My studio is in a private section of my residence where I feel I can give my customers the private and personal time that they need and deserve. I am proficient in outdoor portraiture. As you view my website you will see portraits of persons in beautiful floral settings. These gardens are landscaped by Roger, my loving husband of 40 years. Because people are more relaxed in a natural setting, I specialize in “off the beaten path” photos for high school seniors and families. I love getting my clients involved because working collectively with them allows me to capture their personalities, create moods and express relationships. This collaboration has proven pleasing to my clients and satisfying to me personally.